Let God Take Care of The Little Foxes

By: Pastor Marcio Sierra Jr.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed?  I was looking at the definition of the word “overwhelm” in the dictionary and this is what I found: bury or drown beneath a huge mass, to crush, to overpower, to defeat completely.  As I was thinking about this definitions, I realized that at times I do feel as if a huge mass or weight is over me, I feel crushed and oftentimes defeated.  I know that this is not how God wants me to live my life.  He desires for me to live an abundant life and to rejoice and be glad in every day that He creates.  He commands me to rejoice in the Lord always and to constantly give thanks.  He tells me that I will be blessed if I am a peacemaker, but how can I be a peacemaker when the weight that is crushing me has taken my peace away?  While thinking about the weight that sometimes pushes me down, I realized that the weight is not one big problem but rather a bunch of little problems and distractions that the enemy uses to cause me to feel overwhelmed and lose my peace, my joy, and my blessing for that day.  There is the disagreement with my spouse, the difficult person at work, the bill that just came in the mail, the pain that appeared in my physical body, the light in my car that is telling me that something, most likely expensive, needs to be fix, the number in the scale that tells me that I have gained a few pounds, etc.  All of these issues are like distractions that take my eyes away from God and cause me to feel overwhelmed.

This morning during my devotion and prayer time with God, I was reminded of the passage in Song of Solomon 2:15 which says, “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes

that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.”  God has a beautiful day, week, life, planned for us.  It’s like a beautiful garden filled with a myriad of colorful flowers that give out an aroma that brings peace to our minds.  Butterflies, humming birds, and bumblebees floating around moving from flower to flower creating an intricate dance that only God in His amazing power can choreograph.  Can you picture that garden?  Can you picture how amazing life would be living in that garden?  Well, that is what God has for us every day.  A garden of peace, joy, contentment, rejoicing, and many other blessings.  The problem is that there are many “foxes” in the form of distraction that want to destroy that garden.  Often times, as the verse says, they are “little foxes” that want to ruin what He has prepared for you.  Can you see those foxes?  Can you see them running around destroying what God has planned and taking away your joy and peace?  Maybe those foxes or distractions have done so much damage that as you look at your life, it’s difficult to even believe that God can turn what you see into a beautiful garden like the one I just portrayed to you.  But what does the verse say?  This verse is not just words on a piece of paper, this verse provides us with instruction on how to keep the little foxes out.  What we need to do is to pause, fix our eyes on God and say, “God, catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyard.”  In a practical real life way, what this verse is saying is to go to God and surrender those distractions to Him.  To realize that He is God and you are not.  To give Him your problems and trust Him that as you depend on Him and strive to do His will, He will take care of the rest.

Take five minutes right now or when you have some time and go to God our father.  Close your eyes and present to Him all those distractions, those little foxes that are taking your joy and peace away.  Give those things to God and recognize that it’s not in your strength that you will overcome.  He is the one that fights our battles.  Our job is to keep trusting Him and give Him our distractions.  If the little foxes are overwhelming you right now, take a minute to go to God and ask Him to catch them.  Try it and enjoy the beautiful garden of blessings that God has for you everyday.  Remember, daily those little foxes or distractions will try to come into your garden.  But also keep in mind that God, our garden keeper is always there ready to catch them.  Once you recognize that those things that are taking your peace away are foxes sent from the devil to overwhelm you, you can go to God and surrender them to Him.  Also, don’t forget that sometimes, it seems as if those who are around you are the foxes that are destroying our Garden.  Your battle is not against them.  God also has a beautiful garden for them