What Does it Mean to “Seek The Face of God?

Written by Marcio Sierra Jr.

Have you ever heard the words, “seek the face of God?”  As a Pastor, there have been many times when I have encouraged the congregation to “seek the face of God.”  As a matter of fact, I have a message that I entitled “Seeking The Face Of God.”  We hear this phrase a lot among Christians.  God tells us the reason for this in His Word; in the book of Psalms 105:4 the Word of God commands us: “Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face evermore!”

Some time ago, while I was “seeking the face of God,” I said to myself, “what does it mean to seek the face of God? How do I seek the face of God if I cannot even see God?”  At that moment I asked God to show me what he wanted of me when He asked me to “seek His face.”  What God revealed to me at that moment is something that has helped me greatly in my relationship with God and I hope it blesses you also just like it has blessed me.

When we look at a person’s face, we are looking at a lot more than just a face.  Just by looking at a person’s face you can tell if the person is angry, happy, sad, tired, worried, hurt, excited, in love, sick, and the list continues.  The face of a person reveals a lot about that person.  The face of a person is like an open window that allows us to see inside of that person; their thoughts, their pain, their joy, their heart.  This is what God showed me; to seek His face is to enter into God’s heart.  When God asks us to seek His face, He is making a call for us to enter into His thoughts and see what He is thinking, to see what He is doing, how he feels about something, to see the love that He has for us, to look at the pain that our sin causes Him, etc.

Often we go to God to seek His hands; hands that give, hands that help, hands that bless, hands that protect, hands that heal, etc.  There is nothing wrong with that, actually God tells us in His Word to go to Him with our requests and that we do not have because we do not ask.  There is nothing wrong with seeking God’s blessing hands.  The problem is that we spend a lot of time seeking God’s hands so that we get blessed and we forget to spend time just looking at His face;  a face that will reveal God to us, His love, His compassion, His grace, His affection, His pain, His wrath, His heart.

Since the moment God gave me this revelation, my times of intimacy with Him are so much deeper.  Now, the times that I spend with God are times in which I focus on His character, His works, His words.  During my times seeking His face I make an effort to get into God’s thoughts, it’s a time in which I see His compassion for others and His ways of dealing with people.  It is a time when I look into the open window that is His face and fix my eyes on the things that I can see that please Him, that make Him smile, that make Him cry, and even those things that make Him angry.  To seek the face of God means to go to God to get to know more about Him without a selfish motive.  It is going to God to see who He is.

I encourage you to study the Word of God daily; this will make your times of prayer, seeking the face of God, a supernatural time that will allow you to see God and fall in love with Him like never before.  If you do this, your prayer times will turn into a divine appointment with God that will change your life forever.

May God continue to bless you,