Fix Your Eyes on the Heavenly Things

As I was reading the Word of God, I came to a story of Jesus that really made me think about my life and how I react or respond to different situations in my life.  In Matthew 16:15-17 we find Jesus having a conversation with the disciples.  Jesus asked them a question about who the people said that He was, followed by asking them who they, the disciples, thought that He, Jesus, was.  Peter answered by saying, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  Jesus was very pleased with Peter’s answer and told Him, “flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven.”

How wonderful!  Peter was so connected with the Father, that he got a revelation from God.  Peter could not have studied to get that answer.  His earthly knowledge did not give him that answer.  His reasoning could not have come up with an answer like that.  It was a revelation that came directly from heaven.  Peter was in tune with the father.  We could say that he had the mind of Christ and he was focused on the things that are above.

The interesting thing though is that three verses later (Matthew 16:21-23) Jesus is telling Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”  What happened here?  How can Peter be so connected and in tune with God to the point where he receives divine revelation and just a moment later, he is so out of tune with God and focused on the things of this world that Jesus has to rebuke him and call him Satan?

Has that ever happened to you?  One moment you are in the presence of God, reading His Word and worshiping His name, and twenty minutes later you are yelling at your kids, fighting with your spouse, arguing with a coworker, and so on.  How can we go from a heavenly place to an earthly place so quickly?  The answer is, we take our eyes off the things above, and we focus on the things of this world; the problems, circumstances, sickness, etc.

In Genesis 6:15-16, we find God giving Noah instructions on how to build the ark.  As you read, you will realize that the ark had only one window and it was on the roof of the ark; it faced the heavens.  Can you imagine what would have happened if the ark had windows on the sides?  Noah and his family would have been able to see the destruction, houses floating on the water, people dying.  It would have been very discouraging and depressing for them to see all of that.  I believe having just one window that faced up to the heavens kept them focused on the heavenly things, the things of God and not on all the bad stuff that was happening around them.  Often times, we are so focused on the things that surround us, the problems, the sickness, the evil, the finances, etc. that we get down, depressed, discouraged, and angry and end up reacting in the flesh instead of responding in the Spirit.

I believe that happened to Peter.  He was looking up.  He had his focus on the things above and that is why he was receiving revelation from God.  But then, he looked to the sides, he heard bad news, he focused on the earthly things, and immediately, he was defeated.

Hebrews 12:2 tells us that we need to fix our eyes on Jesus.  That is the key to victory.  That is the key to living a life full of joy, peace; a life abundant.  Decide today that you are not going to look through the side windows; the windows that focus on the things of this world.  Instead, look through that one window that faces to the heavenlies; the things that are good, pure, praise worthy.  Those things that will lift you up and not bring you down.  Whenever you feel worried, anxious, frustrated, angry, depressed, etc. it is because you are looking through the side windows that face this world.  Take your eyes away from those windows, and fix your eyes on the heavenly things, the Word of God and His promises. As you do that, you will find yourself in a place where you are pleasing God and receiving revelation from him instead of being out of tune with Him, pouting about how hard life on this earth is.

Be blessed,

Pastor Marcio Sierra Jr.