Water of Life

How exciting to know that our awesome God is active within our lives today and He is still speaking to His church.  I was asking the Lord to speak to me and to share some words of encouragement for His church.  I will like to share what the Lord God spoke.  Receive it, make this a personal message to you, and be encouraged.

I pray that this message from God will encourage you as much as it did me.  Let the Holy Spirit refresh your life, let God quench your thirst, fix your eyes on Jesus, and live a life of abundance in Him.

May God continue to bless you!

Pastor Marcio Sierra Jr.

Message from God to His people:

“I understand you like no one else does.  I know what is best for you.  I know how you think and why you think like that.  Surrender your cares to Me.  Surrender your family to Me.  Surrender your life and thoughts to Me.  Let Me mold you into the pot, the awesome pot that I want you to be.  Let me fix the cracks.  Let me restore those areas in your life that need more of Me and less of you.  You can do it!  It is simple; whenever you sense that your flesh, your emotions, your worries, anger, etc are rising up within you, that is when you need to stop and think about Me.  It is then that you need Me to refresh you.  It is at that time that you are thirsty and need to drink some of Me.  When you feel like the flesh is overcoming you, you need to drink from my water.  My water is the “flow.”  My water is the Holy Spirit ministering to you.  My water is Me working in your life to transform you.  The flesh is dead and it should remain dead.  When my river of living water, which runs from the well that is within you, starts to flow in your life, your flesh cannot rise up.  When there is no water flowing (no Holy Spirit flowing) then you are giving opportunity to the flesh to come alive.  In other words, let the river of My Spirit flow constantly within you.  How?  By focusing on me!”