The Church, a gift from God

Dear friends, one of the greatest gifts that God has given us is His church.  The church is His creation and His design.  I want to share with you a message that God spoke to me regarding His church.  I pray that as you read it, you will receive what He has to say and run with it!

May God continue to bless you,

 Pastor Marcio E. Sierra Jr.

Message from God-

The Church is in My hands.  It is My design and My creation.  I am working in and through it.  The focus of My Church should always be love; agape love.  Discouragement, disappointment, strife, etc. are all the effects of lack of love within My church.  As you seek Me and worship Me together, seek My love.  Seek to love one another like I love you.  I love you above your actions, feelings, hurts, etc.  First comes love.  Let My love recharge you.  Let My love move you to a place of victory.  Let My love be the power that causes you to overcome every frustrating situation that you face in the church.  Don’t let other people influence how you will live your life.  By this I mean, Let Me influence your life.  The actions of others should not be in control of how you feel and what you do.  Let My river flow over you.  Remember to seek My face every time you are letting the flesh overcome you.  My son, in this world you will have tribulations, but remember that I have also overcome.  I have placed you in the place where I want you.  I need you there.  It is here where I will mold you and make you what I want you to be.  And in the process, you will be a blessing.  Let Me use you.  Have an open and willing heart.  A heart that says, “here I am Lord, use me today.”  Your ministry is to love like I love; to show others a testimony of victory.  Let My light shine through you.  Smile and sing a new song.  That is part of My light.  Don’t let the things of this world overwhelm you.  Satan wants to destroy My church.  He has been wanting to do so since the day My Jesus died.  Yes My son, it is a battle, but remember that Jesus has risen and victory is Mine.  Nothing can destroy what I have established.  I picked people to lead and be the church because I know that they are not perfect.  That is how I work my son.  As you deal with difficulties, disappointments, frustrations, and so on, you are also being transformed to something new.  HOW WOULD I WORK PATIENCE IN YOU LIFE IF THE CHURCH WAS PERFECT?  HOW WOULD I SHOW YOU WHAT TRUE LOVE IS IF THERE WERE NO DIFFICULT PEOPLE TO LOVE?  HOW WOULD I SHOW YOU SUBMISSION IF IT WAS EASY TO SUBMIT?  MOST IMPORTANTLY, HOW WOULD YOU BE A LIGHT IF THERE WAS NO DARKNESS?  My son, trust in Me.  Seek more of Me.  Let the river of My Holy Spirit flow and be a blessing.  Smile, I delight in your smile.  Satan hates your smile.  Did you know that you can minister to people just with a smile?  Try it and be amazed My child.  I love you!